just kidding

time is running.. but I swear I can last a day just doing searching over him. bwahahha..

just nonsense

I missed you a lot.

It is the time when I end up and start in with you in my head. how come this is happening to me, me, who don’t have guts to risk anything anymore. No hoping, no struggling means no risking in telling you how I felt.

let me breathe without a single ounce of u please.

let me breathe without a single ounce of u please.

i dont know who i am anymore.

its when dreaming had finally ended and i still long for it which recreates it all in my mind. i just wanted to slip reality and be with u there in my dreams. Fantasies don’t really mean limiting things that way, in fact its expansion is too broad to be seen on naked eye alone and i wonder if feeling it all that way would make u know how i felt.

failing may not be pleasant. failing with scars over and over again is quite annoying. i just can’t take another heartache again. i’ll just pretend everything that had happened were mere reality and dreaming would be my life now.

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where does this word went?? i can’t barely find it in myself.

wla mciadong kwenta